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Chicana & Chicano Studies (CHIC): FOCUS: Literature

Subject guide for Chicana and Chicano Studies (CHIC)

Literature Databases for Chicanx Studies

Primary Source Materials for Chicanx literature

MLA Handbook

MLA Handbook Book CoverHandbook of the Modern Language Association, 9th edition.

Copies are available at the Main Campus Library Research Center and for limited checkout at Circulation.

Additional Resources

Helpful Resources:

Purdue OWL: Easy-to-use citation resource. Provides rules and examples.

MLA Style Center Ask the MLA: Provides answers to FAQs but also lets you ask your own!

In-Text Citations:

Purdue OWL In-Text Basics: Covers basics of in-text citation rules and more.

Works Cited Page/Bibliography:

Purdue OWL MLA Works Cited Page Basics: Covers basics of reference list rules and more.

Citing Artificial Intelligence:

How do I cite generative AI in MLA style?: This guide from the MLA style guide offers guidance on how to cite large language models in MLA

Citing Social Media

MLA Style Center: Social Media: These posts from the MLA style center focus on how to cite various social media posts and comments. 

Additional Citation Examples:

University of West Florida Style Guide: Provides additional example citations for the 8th edition.