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University Archives & Special Collections

A guide to our collections, primary sources, and finding materials in UA&SC

Step into the world of the Archives of Popular Culture, a collection founded by the American Studies faculty of CSUF in the 1970s. Our archive is home to an eclectic assortment of materials, including Marvel and DC comic books, underground comic books, Manga, Big Little Books, graphic novels, screenplays, and popular magazines from the 1900s to 1980s. These materials provide a unique lens through which to study popular music, film, sports, sub-cultures, and American life in the 20th century.

Our collection is a valuable resource for researchers, scholars, and anyone interested in exploring the cultural trends and influences of the 20th century. Our archive offers a window into the popular media of the time, from the superhero comics of Marvel and DC to underground comics and graphic novels. We also offer a range of popular magazines, screenplays, and Big Little Books that provide insight into the interests and attitudes of the American public throughout the 20th century.