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Videos & Tutorials: Getting Started

This guide hosts a number of videos and tutorials for various disciplines, databases, and library services.

Databased 101: What is a Database? [title card[Databases 101: What is a library database? (1:51) movie icon

The first in a delightful trilogy, this video explains what you'll find in library databases. 




Databases 102: Choosing a database [title card]Databases 102: Choosing a database (1:28) Movie icon

The second video in a trilogy that gives you the full scoop on using library databases!



Databases 103: Searching Library DatabasesDatabases 103: Searching Library Databases (2:06) Movie icon

Last in a trilogy of videos that tell you what you need to know about searching library databases!




How to Borrow a Book [title card]How to Borrow a Book (3:10) movie icon

Created by Pollak Library Peers, this video shows how to find, request, and pick up books sent from other Cal State libraries and elsewhere. Enjoy!

Pollak Library Homepage [title card]Pollak Library Homepage (1:14) movie icon

This is the first of a series of videos designed to accompany the online LibWizard tutorial for the Pollak Library homepage and its OneSearch window.



Searching Using Boolean Operators [title card]Searching Using Boolean Connectors (4:50) movie icon

This video will show you how you can use the Boolean Connectors, AND, OR, NOT, to build searches in library databases.


Finding and Identifying Empirical Articles [title card]Finding and Identifying Empirical Articles (3:47) movie icon

This video will help to search for and identify empirical articles in library databases.





Library Guides [title card]Library Guides (1:18) Movie icon

The second video in a trilogy that gives you the full scoop on using library databases!




Library Answers [title card]Library Answers (0:49) movie icon

Did you know Pollak Library has an extensive list of frequently asked questions? Find the answer to your question today!



Understanding Call Numbers [title card]Understanding Call Numbers (2:11) movie icon

Want to check out a book? Learn how to find it on the shelf using its call number, which is like an address for where the book lives! Pollak Library uses the Library of Congress call number system, which is different from most public libraries.



Spark Tutorials

Types of sources [title card]

Types of Sources tutorial icon

This tutorial will teach you about the different kinds of sources you'll find when doing research!



Evaluating sources [title card]

Evaluating Sources tutorial icon

This tutorial will teach you to critically evaluate your research sources!



Boolean operators [title card]

Boolean Operators tutorial icon

This tutorial will teach you to use Boolean operators for powerful database searches!



Types of Sources tutorial