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Videos & Tutorials: University Archives & Special Collections

This guide hosts a number of videos and tutorials for various disciplines, databases, and library services.

University Archives & Special Collections tutorial [title card]University Archives & Special Collections tutorial tutorial icon

This tutorial walks users through locating items from UA&SC in the catalog, accessing item records, and visiting the archives. The tutorial is interactive and provides feedback as the user progresses.



What are archives and special collections? [title card]What are Archives and Special Collections? (2:08) movie icon

This video, the first in a series created to accompany the University Archives & Special Collections tutorial. Learn the basics of archives and special collections!



Introduction to CSUF's University Archives & Special Collections [title card]Introduction to Cal State Fullerton's University Archives & Special Collections (2:15) movie icon

This video is the second in a series about the University Archives & Special Collections. Learn about the amazing items held by CSUF's University Archives & Special Collections!



Locating Materials in OneSearch [title card]Locating Materials using OneSearch (4:56) movie icon

The third video in the series to accompany the University Archives and Special Collections tutorial. Locate materials in University Archives and Special Collections using OneSearch!