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Videos & Tutorials: Other

This guide hosts a number of videos and tutorials for various disciplines, databases, and library services.

Open / Affordable Learning Solutions

Getting Started with Affordable Learning Solutions [title card]Getting Started with Affordable Learning Solutions (4:12) movie icon

There are two ways to lower the cost of course materials: reusing Open Educational Resources and linking/embedding library resources! Learn how!



Creative Commons Basics [title card]Creative Commons Basics (1:35) movie icon

Learn what the four basic Creative Commons licenses are, and how they can be combined!




California Open Online Library For Education [title card]Introduction to COOL4ED: The California Open Online Library (1:33) movie icon

Quick start guide to discovering affordable textbook alternatives using the California Open Online Library!



Affordable Learning Solutions [title card]The Spiraling Cost of Education/Intro to Affordable Learning Solutions (2:36)  Movie icon

High textbook prices mean many students don't buy them at all, and can even cause students to drop out. Learn how to bolster student success with affordable learning solutions! 


Choosing to Publish OER [title card]Choosing to Publish OER (11:56) movie icon

You've learned why you should use OER in your teaching - now it's time to give back and share your work with others! Learn the benefits of creating and sharing open educational resources.



Grey Literature

"What is Grey Literature" title card

What is Grey Literature? (3:01) movie icon

This short video provides an overview of grey literature, who produces it, how it can be used, and how to locate it.




Ask a Librarian [title card]Ask a Librarian (0:47) movie icon

Need research help? Ask a librarian! They are research experts on a mission to help you become a fluent information researcher.



Microsoft Word

Using Microsoft Word Styles [title card]Using Microsoft Word Styles (3:03) movie icon

Use Microsoft Word "Styles" to not only make your documents accessible, but also make them easily browseable. Styles also help you create elegant Tables of Contents!