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Videos & Tutorials: OneSearch

This guide hosts a number of videos and tutorials for various disciplines, databases, and library services.

OneSearch in One Minute [title card]OneSearch in One Minute (1:01) movie icon

Learn to use OneSearch in just sixty seconds!





OneSearch - Finding Articles [title card]OneSearch: Finding Articles (3:02) movie icon

Learn to quickly find articles using OneSearch!





OneSearch Permalinks [title card]OneSearch Permalinks (1:01) movie icon

Learn how to avoid broken links by using OneSearch's built-in permalink feature!




OneSearch - Finding Books [title card]OneSearch: Finding Books (3:04) movie icon

Learn how to find books using OneSearch!





Using OneSearch - Known Articles & Books [title card]

OneSearch: Known Articles & Books (1:58) Movie icon

Learn how to use OneSearch and Google Scholar to quickly look up known articles and book titles by watching this short video!



OneSearch - Ebooks & Streaming Media [title card]OneSearch: Ebooks & Streaming Media (1:44) movie icon

Access Pollak Library's incredible online collection of ebooks, streaming audio and video, and more using OneSearch!




OneSearch - My Library Account [title card]OneSearch - My Library Record (0:53) movie icon

Learn how to find all the details about the materials you have checked out!




An Introduction to OneSearch [title card]Introducing OneSearch (2:06) Movie icon

Video orientation for OneSearch.

NOTE: Features an outdated version of the website, although the OneSearch functions appear to be the same as the current version.



Using OneSearch [title card]Using OneSearch (1:20) movie icon

This is the second video of a series designed to accompany the LibWizard tutorial. It covers the basics of searching using OneSearch



Using OneSearch Part 2 [title card]Using OneSearch Part 2 (1:27) movie icon

This is the third/final video of a series designed to accompany the LibWizard tutorial for using the Pollak Library homepage as well as the OneSearch tool. This covers item records and accessing results.