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Videos & Tutorials: Business & Economics

This guide hosts a number of videos and tutorials for various disciplines, databases, and library services.


Catalyst: Finding Demographics [title card]Catalyst: Finding Demographics (9:39) movie icon

This video discusses how to use the Catalyst database to find demographics



Catalyst: Interpreting the Data [title card]Catalyst: Interpreting the Data (9:56) video icon

This video shows how to interpret data in the Catalyst database.



Catalyst: Finding Media [title card]Catalyst: Finding Media (10:47) movie icon

This video is about how to locate media in the Catalyst database



Catalyst: Quick reports [title card]Catalyst: Quick Reports (6:16) movie icon

This video walks the user through using the Catalyst database to generate quick reports.

Using Ferguson's Career Guidance Center [title card]Using Ferguson's Career Guidance Center (3:05) movie icon

How to use Ferguson's Career Guidance Center to get information on the profession you are researching.




Using Census Data to find Demographics [title card]Using U.S. Census Data to Find a City's Demographics (6:47) movie icon

How to locate demographic data using the U.S. Census web site




How to find Marketline industry profiles [title card]How to Find Marketline Industry Profiles (14:31) movie icon

Research reports on industries around the world





How to find Industry Profiles in IBISworld [title card]How to find Industry Profiles in IBISWorld (7:04) movie icon

IBISWorld contains reports on industries at the U.S. and state levels.




Searching for articles in Business Source Premier [title card]Searching for Articles in Business Source Premier (4:24) movie icon

How to find articles and reports relevant to your research using the Business Source Premier database.



Finding Analysis Reports using Investext [title card]Finding Analysis Reports using Investext (8:20) movie icon

This video walks users through how to find analysis reports using Investext.




Finding Data in SimplyAnalyticsFinding Data in SimplyAnalytics (8:22) movie icon

This video covers how to locate data in the SimplyAnalytics database




How to Use the ProQuest One Business DatabaseHow to Use the ProQuest One Business Database (6:40) movie icon

This short video covers how to use the ProQuest One Business Database

Using Mergent Intellect to research the competition [title card]Using Mergent Intellect to research the competition (6:37) movie icon

How to use Mergent Intellect and Google Maps to find out if there are similar businesses in your city.




Using OneSearch to locate Career Information [title card]Using OneSearch to locate career information (7:12) movie icon

How to use OneSearch to research your chosen profession.





Accessing First Research Industry Profiles [title card]Accessing First Research Industry Profiles (11:01) movie icon

Quarterly reports on hundreds of industries.





Using the Occupational Outlook Handbook [title card]Using the Occupational Outlook Handbook (3:26) movie icon

How to use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to research your chosen profession.




Searching for Articles in ABI/Inform [title card]Searching for Articles in ABI/Inform (4:58) movie icon

A guide to searching for articles that are relevant to your research in ABI/Inform.