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Geological Sciences: EndNote Online Issues

Research guide for geology

EndNote Online Issues

(1) Retaction issue:
Retraction Alert will display by default when there is still no content in the Insert Citation window. After clicking on Insert Citation in Word,  the students will need to type some keywords (e.g. Author/Year/Title) in the search bar and then hit Enter to search for references from their EndNote online account. The Retaction Alert should then be removed and the students can select the reference they want to insert from the search results and then click Insert.

IF EndNote doesn't pull up any search results after you hit Enter to search, try the following:

(A) Updating URL and password in Word.
1. In Word, go to the EndNote tab and click on Preferences > Application tab.
2. Remove all information here.
3. In the URL section enter either one of these URLs: 
4. Update the password in the password field manually. (Avoid copy-pasting as this may create a blank space along with it.)
5. Click OK.

(B) Reset the EndNote online password.
1. Go to and log in to their account.
2. Go to the Options tab > Password.
3. Type and retype the new password. We would recommend using @ as the special character.
4. Click Save.
5. Ensure to update the password manually in Word.

(C) Uninstall and reinstall the EndNote plugin.
1. To uninstall the plugin:
2. Log in to
3. Go to the Format tab > Cite While You Write™ Plug-In.
4. Download the installer to reinstall the plugin.

(2) Expired Web of Science roaming:
This is related to roaming access that allows students to search the Web of Science remotely and would not affect the EndNote features. If you need to cite using the bibliographic styles added by the university, the roaming access needs to be active. You will need to log in to your account at from the university (from an authorized IP address) to gain a twelve-month roaming period. 

(3) Misisng styles, filters, and connections in EndNote Online:
If you are not seeing all styles, filters, and connections in your EndNote online account, it is likely that your roaming access has expired or has not been activated. You will need to log in to your account at from the university (from an authorized IP address) to gain a twelve-month roaming period. Then, within this period, you should be able to use all styles, filters, and connections added by the university.

(4) Is EndNote compatible with Chromebooks and iPads?

Chrombooks - NO

As for iPads, while the Cite While You Write tool is not available, there is a workaround to copy and paste the citations in Word in a temporary format so that we can format them on a computer later. Please refer to this article:

(5) When you edit a reference, how do you sync the corrected data?

Click on Update Citations and Bibliography under the EndNote tab in Word after editing the references online. If the bibliography in Word remains unchanged, it could be due to the Bibliographic style you may be using. Some output styles are set to cite the title in Headline/Sentence style capitalization instead of 'leave titles as entered'. In this case, since there is no option to edit the Bibliographic style in EndNote online, the EndNote online administrator needs to modify the style on the EndNote desktop for the users.
To do so:
1. In EndNote, go to Tools (on EndNote 20) or Edit (on EndNote X9 and earlier) menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager > select the style you want to edit > click on Edit.
2. Go to Bibliography > Title Capitalization.
3. Select the option 'Leave titles as entered'.
4. Click File > Save As to save the modified style in a different name.
Then, to upload the modified style for the users: