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Research Metrics

Research Impact

"Research impact is the effect you make on the society and community around you.
And, it takes courage and innovative thinking to address complex scientific and social issues" (Cheng, 2018).

Research impact contributes to academia, society, and economy:

  • Academic impact: e.g., Advancement in knowledge and discovery
  • Society impact: e.g., Benefits through improving the quality of life, health, and public services to individuals, and communities worldwide
  • Economic impact: e.g., Stimulating economic growth locally, regionally, and nationally


The importance of Research Impact:

  • Justify future requests for funding
  • Quantify return on research investment
  • Discover how research findings are being used
  • Identify similar research projects
  • Identify possible collaborators
  • Determine if research findings are duplicated, confirmed, corrected, improved or repudiated
  • Determine if research findings were extended (different human populations, different animal models/species, etc.)
  • Confirm that research findings were properly attributed/credited
  • Demonstrate that research findings are resulting in meaningful health outcomes
  • Discover community benefit as a result of research findings
  • Progress reports
  • Tenure
  • Promotion dossiers

A list modified from the Becker Medical Library Model for Assessment of Research Impact (Benefits of Assessment of Research Impact).