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Geological Sciences: Books

Research guide for geology

Pollak Library Catalog | Call Numbers

Start with the LIBRARY CATALOG

A call number is an identification number (consisting of characters and numbers), used to identify and locate materials within a library. Library of Congress Classification - Sciences

QE (Geology)
QE1-QE50 (General geology)
QE51-QE350 (Geology by geographic region)
QE351-QE399 (Mineralogy)
QE420-QE499 (Petrology)
QE500-QE613 (Structural Geology)
QE640-QE699 (Stratigraphy)
QE701-QE996 (Paleontology)
QC801-QC809 (Geophysics)
TN260s, TN870s (Economic and exploration geology)
GB400-GB649 (Geomorphology)
GB651-GB2298 (Hydrology and Hydrogeology)

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