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Reference Guide: Open Access Journals

Putting multipurpose pages here, such as accessing articles, submitting ILL, impact factors, etc.

This guide is specifically addressing the indexing issue that users may encounter when accessing Open Access journals through the Pollak Library website. For broader information and resources about Open Access Journals visit our Open Access library guide.

   Sometimes, you may click a full-text access link, only to be take to a page where there is no article. This is particularly frequent when searching in Open Access journals. While this can be frustrating, it's usually a simple fix to get to the article which you are searching for.

Accessing OA articles

Screenshot of OneSearch result with citation information and access links highlighted






Typically, the links on the OneSearch page will take us directly to the article. Sometimes, however, we have to do a bit of extra searching. When this happens, take note of where in the journal that this article appears! In this case, we can see that this article appears in Volume 10, Issue 4 of Sustainability, on page 1040. 

We can use this information!

Journal page with search windows and "Journal Browser" sections highlighted.





This page, which we arrived at by clicking on the "ROAD: Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources" link from the above image, does not feature the article that we are searching for! Instead, it is a page for the entire journal that published the article, Sustainability.

However, we can still make our way to the article, either by entering the article's title into the search window at the top of the page (make sure that you are just looking in this journal) or by using the "Journal Browser" function to navigate our way to Volume 10, Issue 4.


NOTE: Every journal page will look a little different. Sometimes they might not have the option to browse by issue. Sometimes, a search window might be set to search many journals and it will require you to check a box to make sure that you're just searching within that particular journal.

Screenshot of search results featuring article






When using the search window to search for the article's title, the correct article should be among the results. Keep the volume/issue numbers handy, though! Sometimes you might encounter several articles with very similar titles, and you'll have to be able to pick out the one you are searching for.

Screenshot of journal browser page with Volume 10 Issue 4 highlighted.






Using the Journal Browser function will bring you to a list of issues. Sometimes these might be broken up by volume, depending on the journal. In this case, we can see that Vol. 10, Issue 4 is listed. By clicking on that issue, we will be taken its Table of Contents, where we can access the article in question.