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Reference Guide: Submitting an ILL request manually

Putting multipurpose pages here, such as accessing articles, submitting ILL, impact factors, etc.

From the Library Homepage

Library Homepage under "Borrow" menu with "Interlibrary Loan - ILL" highlighted






From the library homepage, either hover your mouse over or click on the "Borrowing" link. This will open a new menu. From there, select "Interlibrary Loan -- ILL" to be taken to the next page.


Library's Interlibrary Loan Services page with "Iterlibrary Loan" highlighted










On the next page, you'll see options to submit a new item request or to check on existing ones.



Interlibrary Loan Request Form





Finally, you will be asked to submit a short form regarding the item that you would like to request. Once you click on "Send Request," your request has been submitted!