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Reference Guide: Submitting an ILL request manually

Putting multipurpose pages here, such as accessing articles, submitting ILL, impact factors, etc.

From the Library Homepage

Library homepage with "Services" menu opened






From the library homepage, either hover your mouse over or click on the "Services" link (directly beneath "Databases"). This will open a new menu. From there, select "Interlibrary Loan" to be taken to the next page.


ILLiad program homepage with account link highlighted










On the next page, you'll click on the "ILLiad Service" link to be taken to your ILLiad account



ILLiad account page screenshot with "New Request" and "View" sections highlighted





The next page will be an overview of your account, where you can see any outstanding requests you might have. There is also a section where you can create and submit a new request (under "New Request"). You can also check on requests that you've already submitted by using the links in the "View" section. 

If you aren't able to see your request(s), check in "Cancelled Requests."