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Reference Guide: Requesting Items from OneSearch

Putting multipurpose pages here, such as accessing articles, submitting ILL, impact factors, etc.

Screenshot of "Sign in for More Options" page in OneSearch


Sometimes, when you are looking to access an article in OneSearch, you might encounter a page like the one seen to the left, which reads "Please sign in for more options."

If you see this, that means that while we don't have access to the resource through any of our databases, we can get this for you free of charge, usually within 2 business days!


In this case, there are also other potential ways to find the article. Before you submit a request, you might want to see if there is an open access version available by clicking on that link. If you see a "Get PDF" link, that can take you directly to the article in question.

Once You've Signed In

Screenshot of item record after signing in, showing an option to request item for delivery






After you click "Sign In for more options" and signed in using your CSUF credentials, there will be some new options appearing on the page

Interlibrary Loan Request

Screenshot of item request form





Once you've clicked on the "Get a digital copy" link, you'll be taken to a form with fields for all the information about your request. Once you're finished, send the request in.