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Camtasia resources: Recording

A Guide offering an introduction to Camtasia

To begin the recording process, simply click on the Record button in the top left corner of the screen

Image describing the location of the record button in the Camtasia interface

Once you click the Record button, a panel will appear with the recorder options in it. As you can see in the image below, the recorder will look differently depending on which operating system you are working on.

Regardless of system, each of these feature dropdowns which allow the user to select recording space, which screen to record, camera inset, etc...

Note: Once you click on Start Recording, a three second countdown will begin before recording actually starts

Image displaying the Mac and PC versions of the recording panel in Camtasia

images courtesy of Techsmith

Again, the OS on which you are operating will affect how you stop your recording.

Image of Mac and PC options for stopping recording in Camtasia

images courtesy of Techsmith