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Camtasia resources: Editing

A Guide offering an introduction to Camtasia

Types of Editing

To cut an entire clip, you only need to click on it and then hit "delete." 

To cut just a portion of a clip, you can select the area using the green and red tabs on the sides of the playhead before clicking on the scissors icon at the top left of the timeline. Note that if you cut in an area with several layers (such as below), all of those layers will be cut as well.

On the bottom track (which is the video and audio recording), the tracks appear to be sewn together were the cut was made. This can be helpful for reviewing the cut afterwards.

Animated GIF of cutting a clip in Camtasia

To edit a transition, just click on it. You'll be able to change the type of transition in the "Properties" menu to the right of the canvas. To change the speed and duration of the transition, you can click on the edge of a transition and drag it.

Sometimes, the edge of the transition is tricky to click on. If that's the case, use the slider near the scissors icon to zoom in (as seen in the second GIF)

Animated GIF of editing a transition in Camtasia















Animated GIF of zooming in to edit a transition in Camtasia

Grouping can be grouped together by selecting more than one and then right-clicking to open a menu (as seen in the first GIF below). Grouping tracks can be handy in a number of ways.

  • When using the PC version of Camtasia, recorded videos will be automatically split into 2 tracks, one audio one video. Grouping these together can cut down on confusion.
  • When you have a series of items that you have synched up and you want to lock them in place.
  • To make more room on your timeline.

Degrouping can be done by right-clicking any group of items. To edit grouped items, you can just double-click on the group and it will open the group in a new tab (as seen in the second GIF below)

Animated GIF showing how to group items in Camtasia














Animated GIF of de-grouping items on the timeline in Camtasia