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Camtasia resources: Annotations

A Guide offering an introduction to Camtasia

Annotations are pretty much any type of callout or screen effect which can be used in Camtasia. There are a variety of different annotations available, so see below the image for more information.

Screenshot of Camtasia interface with annotations section highlighted


Annotation options

  • Simple shapes
  • Draw on the screen
  • sketching movements
  • Keystroke callouts
  • Blurring and highlights

Annotation styles

Adding an annotation is as simple as dragging it onto your timeline.

Animated GIF file of an annotation being added to a Camtasia timeline

Once the annotation is on your timeline, you can move it and change its shape

Animated GIF of an annotation being altered in Camtasia

To change the colors, font, borders, or other aspects of your annotation's appearance, you can click on the "Properties" button to the right of the canvas.

Animated GIF of the properties menu being used in Camtasia

Transitions can also be added to annotations, allowing them to appear and disappear gradually.

Note that this annotation only has a transition at the beginning. Unless a transition is added, it will disappear instantly.

Animated GIF of a transition being added to an annotation.

Callouts can be used in a variety of ways.

I often use them as title cards, which just involves creating a callout that covers the entire screen:

Image of a callout annotation being used as a title card in Camtasia


You can also use it to just add text to one portion of the screen:

Image of a callout being used as a text box in Camtasia


You can also use callouts to draw the eye to certain parts of the screen, as with this one showing the links a the top of the library page:

Image showing a callout annotation being used in Camtasia

Blur and highlight allow you to do just that. You can blur out specific sections on the screen, as I've done here to obscure personal details:

screenshot of blur feature being used in Camtasia


It can be also be used to blur out the entire screen but one section:

Screenshot of the blurring feature being used in Camtasia


Of course, the highlight function does a bit more to draw the eye:

Screenshot of the highlighting tool being used in Camtasia

Sketch motions allow you to add animated sketches to your screen. These can be nice to add a personal touch, but they are limited in variety.

Historically, I've used mostly arrows, but this smiley face is *kind* of fun:

Animated GIF of a sketch motion being played in Camtasia