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Camtasia resources: Getting Started

A Guide offering an introduction to Camtasia


This guide should offer some of the basics for using Camtasia. 

Note: The screenshots on this guide were taken on Camtasia for Mac. The Camtasia for PC, while offering mostly the same functionality, will appear slightly different than in the images below.

Below is a screenshot of Camtasia in use with existing recordings. The PRIMO record displayed in the center of the screen is where I can see the moment of the video where the playhead is positioned.

The track along the bottom of the screen is the timeline, where your movie is assembled. Click on the elements below to learn more about the Camtasia interface.

Downloading Camtasia

The latest version of Camtasia can be downloaded at this page from CSU Fullerton's IT department. (CSUF sign-in required).

  • For PC users, you will be sent an access key before being sent to the Techsmith site to download a free trial the latest version of Camtasia. All you need to do is use the dropdown menu. Under "Camtasia" in the top left, select "activate" and you will be asked to supply the access key that IT emailed to you.
  • For Mac users, you will be sent the access key along with a link to the software to download. You can activate the software upon installing it with the access key.

Contact me for assistance!