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Physics: Mathematics Guide

Research guide for physics

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MathSciNet NEWS

AMS is updating MathSciNet’s interface on June, 2023

  1. The MathSciNet YouTube page has new tutorials to get users started.
  2. MathSciNet Quickstart Guide shows similar features in a print-friendly format. 
  3. Mathematical Reviews Executive Editor Edward Dunne’s new search guide guides users through advanced search features.

Study Space Reservation

  1. Study space reservation rooms (Pollak Library North and South)
  2. Study space reservation for smart group study rooms (PLN-111, 112, 113; PLN-211, 212, 213, 214; PLN-311, 312)
  3. Study space reservation for larger rooms (PLN-140, PLS-360, PLN-130).
  4. Study space reservation for the Innovation/Makerspace (PLN-215) 

Other areas of interest:
CSUF Startup Incubator

Open Access Agreements (publish at no cost)

ACS Publications (until Dec. 2025)
Cambridge University Press (until Dec. 2024)
Elsevier (until Dec. 2024)
IOPScience (until Dec. 2025)

Laptop/Device Checkout

   Students can checkout laptops and other devices from the Center for Equitable Digital Access (Library North 2nd Floor) and the Student Genius Center (Library North 1st Floor)

STEM Research Guides

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Research guide for chemistry


Research guide for physics


Research guide for mathematics

Engineering & Computer Science

Research guide for engineering & computer science

Geological Sciences

Research guide for geological sciences

Biological Science

Research guide for biology

Geometer's Sketchpad

SKETCHPAD 5 IS NOW FREE- click  here  for downloading on Windows or Mac with info on License name/Authorization code.


The Paper Discovery tool builds a network of papers from citations, uses network analysis algorithms to analyze the network, and gives you the information you need to quickly get up to speed on that topic. Use the Quick Start section to dive right in and figure it out as you go.

Searching Math Notation/Formula