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Chinese Studies Research Guide: Journal Articles

How to Find a Journal in the Pollak Library

Ways to Access Journals

1. Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Some journals are directly accessible on the Database A-Z from the Library Homepage. WSJ is one of these publications. Follow instructions on the WSJ site to create your account for access. 

2. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles. Journals are often aggregated into a database. You can access Harvard Business Review Digital Articles in the databases, Business Source Premier. Click on the link to access HBR.  

3. Journal Search. Click the link directly, or you can also find The Journal Search link under Services from the Library Homepage. This search enables you to find a journal by title. Type the journal title in the search box. The result will show if the Pollak Library has a journal , and if the journal is peer-viewed, and which database the journal is in. 

4. OneSearch. You can also use OneSearch to determine if the Pollak Library has a journal: Type the journal name in the search box. Limit your search to CSUF Books & More. The search result screen will display if the Library has a particular journal or not.   

Search Examples

"Chinese Company" and "Case Study"
"Huayi Brothers Media"   
Huace Film and TV       

Medicine, Science & Technology

Humanities & Multidisciplinary Databases

Social Sciences, Communication, Information & Law

Accounting, Business, Economics, Management