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Chinese Studies Research Guide: Cite | Evaluate

Citation Guides

What is a Scholarly Source?

Refer to the following guidelines and resources to determine if a source (article, journal, book, etc.)  is scholarly.
  • Check in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.  Simply type the name of the journal in the search box. On the result screen, look for the peer-review or referred icon next to the journal title. 
  • Make sure that you select a database that includes scholarly/peer-reviewed/referred journals. For example, JSTOR, ABI-INFORM, and Academic Search Premier all include scholarly journals. 
  • Use CRAAP criteria to determine if the article is scholarly research. Watch this video about evaluating sources using CRAAP (Currency, Relevancy, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose).
  • Learn more more about the criteria and format of scholarly journal articles here