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Psychology: Google Scholar

Subject Guide for Psychology

Linking the Pollak Library to Scholar

Google Scholar page with "hamburger" menu in top left corner highlighted






Step 1: On the search results page, click on the "hamburger" icon (three horizontal lines), to open up your options menu.

From there, select Settings.

Google Options menu with "Library Links" selected






Step 2: When the menu opens up, click on the Settings link at the bottom

Settings menu in Google Scholar, with "Library Links" link highlighted






Step 3: From the Settings page, click on the Library links link on the left side. Then, type in "CSUF" in the search box and click enter. In addition to "Open Worldcat - Library Search," another option  will appear which reads "California State University, Fullerton Pollak Library Find It."

Check this box and then click "Save." Both the Worldcat and the CSUF boxes should be checked.

Scholar search results with "Pollak Library Find It" links highlighted







Step 4: Once you've clicked "Save," you'll return to your results. However, this time, you'll see some new links which read "Pollak Library Find It." Clicking on these links will take you to that item's page in OneSearch, where you can access the article or request it to be delivered to you.

Scholar result with "carrot" icon highlighted below it

Sometimes, you might encounter a result which looks like there is no "Pollak Library Find It" link. However, click on the "carrots" one the far right of the links below each entry. This will reveal the link (see below).

Scholar result with "Pollak Library Find It" link revealed