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Psychology: PSYC 101

Subject Guide for Psychology

Primary Source Articles

What is a primary source article, and how can you find one? To learn more, please watch the "Finding Primary Source Articles" video presentation.

Links to the APA methodology fields document as well as the empirical articles guide referenced in the video presentation are found below.

APA PsycInfo Methodology Field Values

APA PsycInfo allows you to limit your search to a specific methodology or set of methodologies.  One methodology field in APA PsycInfo offers you the opportunity to search specifically for empirical studies.


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Direct Link to Methodology Field Values Document (American Psychological Association PDF)

Using the Methodology Limiter in APA PsycInfo on EBSCOhost (American Psychological Association tutorial)

Empirical Articles - Sample Research Tips

This guide helps to identify the major parts of an empirical article and covers sample strategies for locating them through databases such as APA PsycInfo and ERIC. There are also general tips applicable to other databases.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan is a free service available to current Cal State Fullerton students, faculty, and staff.  Before requesting an item, though, it is important to know that the Pollak Library pays a cost of approximately $22.00 to process each request.  We, therefore, encourage responsible use of the interlibrary loan system.

If the book you want has been checked out, you first will have the opportunity to request an available copy from another CSU through the CSU+ service found in OneSearch.  If the book you want is not available from another CSU, you also may try finding a similar item by searching the related Library of Congress subject headings for your particular title.

As you conduct your research for journal articles, try to locate similar items if the full text of your particular article is not available in print or online.

If after taking the above steps you determine that interlibrary loan is the best option for obtaining the specific resources you need, we welcome you to submit your request through interlibrary loan.

Please feel free to sign up for your account by placing your mouse over "Borrow" on the Pollak Library home page and then clicking on the "Interlibrary Loan" link.  A link to the interlibrary loan system is also available below.


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