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Reference Guide: Annotated Bibliography vs. Literature Review

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Sample Literature Review Handouts

Annotated Bibliography vs. Literature Review

  Annotated Bibliography Literature Review
Purpose To serve as a list of sources for background on a more general topic.  Informs the reader of the researcher's knowledge of the relevant research already conducted on the topic under discussion, and places the author's current study in context of previous studies. Makes a case for further investigation and highlights research gaps.
Structure Sources are presented in an alphabetical list of APA citations. Each citation is accompanied by a brief summary of the article as well as an explanation of why it is credible and/or relevant to the topic. Presented as a prose document arranged into paragraphs. Items are not listed but incorporated into the body of the paper and may be listed more than once. A summary of the overall background is presented at the end.


Layout comparison

Comparison of layout style of annotated bibliographies and literature reviews