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Make your research impact blossom by creating, connecting, and leveraging your Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCiD)

ResearchGate: Introduction & Caveat is the most popular academic profile site on the web, and a very popular hub on the web for sharing academic publications. Hence this page's guidance about ResearchGate and ORCID.

It should be remembered that ResearchGate (like is a private company attempting to monetize your academic publishing, and it does not vet whether it has a license to host a publication. For this reason, ResearchGate gets lots of take-down notices from publishers and thus may not be a reliable way of sharing your publications. For this reason, it is preferable to archive your academic publications in a non-profit institutional or disciplinary repository, to make sure that the publisher/journal allows for archiving, and/or that you have the proper copyright or license to do so.

The benefits of adding your ORCID iD to your ResearchGate profile are mostly one-sided. If ResearchGate knows your ORCID iD, its algorithms can more easily discover your publications and research activities so as to remind you to upload them to its platform. However, unlike Google Scholar, Scopus, or ResearcherID, ResearchGate does not have any streamlined workflow to export your publication metadata back into your ORCID profile.

How to Integrate Your ORCID iD into ResearchGate

Step 1. Click on your Profile Image
Step 2. Click on the Info menu
Step 3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter your unique ORCID iD


Integrate ORCID iD into Research Gate 1Integrate ORCID iD into Research Gate 2