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Make your research impact blossom by creating, connecting, and leveraging your Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCiD)

What are ORCIDs and ORCID, Inc.?

ORCIDs are Open Researcher and Contributor Identifiers. They are provided to researchers as unique identifiers to distinguish their research from that of others who may have similar names. ORCID, Inc., is an international, not-for-profit organization that manages the registry of researchers who have claimed ORCIDs. For more about the organization, see the ORCID FAQ page.

Who is using ORCID?

Millions of researchers and authors use ORCID, and hundreds of hundreds of research institutions, grant funders, and publishers have ORCID memberships and intregations. Many funders and publishers now require ORCIDs as part of the publication or proposal submission process.

See this list for more on research organizations actively integrating ORCID into their workflows:

How do I register for an ORCID ID?

If you do not already have an ORCID ID, you can claim one at Alternatively, you can claim an ORCID ID by going through your CSUF portal. Use your CSUF email when you register, and set your privacy preferences using the options listed. Note that "public" is the default option for your profile, while "limited" allows you to exchange information with select organizations.

How can I add citations to my ORCID profile?

Please see these instructions for adding citations to your ORCID profile.

Should I have both a “personal” and “institutional” ORCID ID?

No, you should have only one ORCID identifier. If you previously signed up for an ORCID ID at the request of a publisher or other institution, we’d encourage you to link that ID to CSUF systems. The advantage of this institution linkage is that you can import citations from your ORCID account into CSUF systems like the annual activity reporting system and save yourself time on re-entering information.

If you already have an ORCID ID, find out how to link an existing ORCID ID to CSUF. If you have two IDs, find out how to remove an unwanted ORCID ID.

What do I do if I have multiple ORCID IDs?

If you have more than one ORCID ID, you'll want to remove your extra account(s). Sign into the ORCID account that you'd like to keep and navigate to "Account settings" at the top of the page. Scroll down to "Remove duplicate record" and enter the login information for the account that you'd like to remove.

Account Settings of ORCAD

I have an ORCID ID but would like to allow someone else to edit it. How do I do that?

Log into your ORCID account and select "Account settings" at the top of the page. Scroll down to the "Trusted individuals" section. Here you can designate another person who can then edit your account.

Trusted Individuals

How can I link My NCBI, SciENcv, and ORCID?

In case you do not know about SciENcv, it is a CV tool that allows you to maintain grant applications, biosketch information, and progress reports associated with grants. SciENcv was being developed by the NIH along with the DOD, DOE, EPA, NSF, USDA, and the Smithsonian. See more about SciENcv on this background information page.

You can set up SciENcv by logging into (or creating) your My NCBI account. Next navigate to the My NCBI home page and click on the box marked SciENcv. You can then create your SciENcv profile either by using your eRA Commons account or by manually entering information. As you work on setup, look for the link to add your ORCID ID to your SciENcv profile.