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Make your research impact blossom by creating, connecting, and leveraging your Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCiD)

Customize ORCID

Account Settings

Once you have registered, you can configure your ORCID account settings, including email and contact preferences, language display preferences, ORCID inbox notifications, privacy preferences, etc.

Privacy Preferences

In regard to privacy preferences, note that "public" is the default option for your profile, while "limited" allows you to exchange information with select organizations. You can selectively customize privacy for individual items in your profile. In essence, you have complete control over your entire ORCID iD profile, both in its entirety and its individual items.

Trusted Individuals

You also have control over the relationships/connections that your profile has with others. If you would like to allow others to help curate your profile, you can designate them as trusted individuals. These trusted individuals can be anyone with an ORCID profile and could potentially include departmental assistants, research assistants, librarians, or staff in Strategic Communications, IT, or the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects.

Trusted Organizations

You can also establish connections with trusted organizations whom you can also authorize to co-curate your profile. Typically, these are publishers or grant funders whom you can authorize to push verified records of your publications or research activities to your profile. Again, you have complete control over these relationships and can disconnect from organizations whenever desired.