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Web Archiving

Internet archiving overview, tools, policies, and resources for California State University, Fullerton.

IIPC Video: Why Archive the Web?

Reasons to Archive the Web

Web archiving allows us to:

  • Preserve a permanent, time-stamped copy of born-digital material, which is intrinsically susceptible to change or deletion
  • Create permalinks (permanent hyperlinks) that avoid link rot in web pages and citations/bibliographies
  • Protect scientific and public data from censorship
  • Use machine-automated crawling to track website changes that are difficult for humans to detect
  • Hold corporations and persons accountable for their published speech, such as on Twitter
  • Plan responsibly for the preservation of soon-to-be deleted web sites, domains, faculty and student web projects, etc.
  • Manage web server storage more efficiently by outsourcing the storage of past versions of web content