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Web Archiving

Internet archiving overview, tools, policies, and resources for California State University, Fullerton.

Wayback Machine: A Free Tool for Page-Level Web Archiving

The Internet Archive is a non-profit corporation that hosts the largest webpage repository in the world. One of its most used tools is the Wayback Machine, which allows anyone--free of charge--to create a static, permanent snapshot of a webpage at a specific moment in time. Once generated, snapshots have their own unique URLs/permalinks, which can be used to create reliable hyperlinks and/or bibliographic citations in academic writings.

The screenshots below illustrate the key features and benefits of the Wayback Machine as a webpage archiving tool/platform. The Internet Archive blog gives a fuller introduction to the Wayback Machine and its suite of related webpage archiving tools.

Wayback Machine: View All Past Webpage Snapshots

Use the Wayback Machine to get an overview of when all past snapshots were taken of a specific webpage.

Wayback Machine Page History View

Wayback Machine: View a Specific Webpage Snapshot

Use the Wayback Machine to view and cite a webpage snapshot at a specific moment in time.

Wayback Machine webpage snapshot

Wayback Machine: Create a New Webpage Snapshot

Use the Wayback Machine to create a new webpage snapshot and time-specific permalink:

Wayback Machine: Create a New Webpage Snapshot