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Rights-Free and Rights-Implied Media & Content

A guide to using and finding rights-free and rights-implied media and content for non-commercial purposes.

Rights-Free or Rights-Implied Image Repositories

Where to find Creative Commons, Public Domain, and other "rights free" or "rights-implied" images.

How To Find Creative Commons Images on Flickr

Although geared towards finding images for use in Blackboard, this tutorial provides a good general overview on how to search for CC images in Flickr, and how to note the specific CC license and terms associated with a particular image.

How to Find Reusable Images on Google Image Search

Although a bit long, this tutorial does a good job demonstrating how to find reusable images using the advanced search feature of Google Image Search. Please note that you still have to evaluabe each image individually to verify the appropriate license. Get more information.

How to Find Reusable Images on Microsoft Bing Image Search

Microsoft Bing Image Search now supports the ability to filter your searches on public domain images or Creative Commons licensed images. From the Image Search Results screen, hover over the License menu to select a particular usage rights type.

Bing Image Search

Image courtesy of Microsoft Bing.