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Rights-Free and Rights-Implied Media & Content: For Content Consumers

A guide to using and finding rights-free and rights-implied media and content for non-commercial purposes.

How to Share, Remix, Reuse via Creative Commons

Presentation for Pennsylvania School Library Association’s annual conference, April 2011, by school librarian Tiffany Emerick.

How to Properly Attribute Public Domain & Creative Commons Content

The Open Washington website, an Open Educational Resources (OER) network, publishes a helpful web form wizard tool that helps you build out attributions for Creative Commons and public domain content that you use. Plug in elements like the title and author/creator of the work, a link to the work, and then choose from a list of license types. The wizard dynamically generates a text-based attribution statement that you can copy and paste into a paper, slide deck, video, image, etc. It also generates an HTML markup version that you can embed into a website, blog, LibGuide, etc. These attribution statements adhere to the attribution terms specified by Creative Commons licenses. Although public domain works do not require attribution, it is always a good, ethical, and scholarly practice to attribute all sources.

Go Use the Open Attribution Builder Tool

The Open Attribution Builder web wizard tool.