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Rights-Free and Rights-Implied Media & Content: Using Audio

A guide to using and finding rights-free and rights-implied media and content for non-commercial purposes.

Rights-Free or Rights-Implied Audio Repositories

Where to find Creative Commons, Public Domain, and other "rights free" or "rights-light" audio material.

Free Audio for YouTube Videos

Using YouTube's Audio Library (2016)

How to get royalty-free music and sound effects to add to your videos for free in YouTube's Audio Library.

Audio Editing on YouTube (2012)

Replace your video's soundtrack for free with a song from YouTube's library of thousands of tracks. To try it out, go to your Video Manager, select Edit, select Enhancements, then select Audio.

Searching for Creative Commons Audio on Vimeo

Vimeo provides an easy way to quickly find Creative Commons licensed audio tracks to include in your videos. When searchiing the Music Store, toggle on the "License" drop-down menu that allows you to filter on all or a particular type of Creative Commons licenses.

Creative Commons licensed image by Flickr user Colleen Greene.

Vimeo Creative Commons licensed music