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Omeka: Working with Items & Collections on Omeka

Tips, tutorials, and recommendations for using Omeka to publish digital heritage and research projects.

Configuring & Creating Items

Managing Items

Learn how to manage the items in your Omeka archive.

Omeka Classic: Managing Items from Omeka on Vimeo.

Item Types & Metadata

Learn how to modify the item types and metadata fields on your Omeka site. For Omeka Classic versions 2.0 and higher.

Omeka Classic: Modifying Item Types from Omeka on Vimeo.

Organizing Items with Collections & Tags

Learn how to manage the collections and tags on your Omeka site.Versions 2.0 and higher

Omeka Classic: Managing Collections and Tags from Omeka on Vimeo.

Resources to Learn More

Third Party Tools

Helpful tools for working with Omeka content.