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Open Educational Resources and Zero-Cost Course Materials

Finding Zero-Cost Course Materials Classes in the Course Schedule


Did you know that you can search in the course catalog for classes that don't require you to purchase a textbook? These classes are called "zero-cost course materials" classes or ZCCM classes. When faculty members design their courses in a way that does not have any additional costs, they can label their classes with a unique icon that lets students know about this benefit.

When the time comes for class registration, look for this symbol next to any courses you want to take to see if there is a ZCCM section:

Zero-Cost Course Materials icon used in course catalog


While browsing your results, the symbol will appear under the "textbook" section: 


If you want to search the catalog specifically for any ZCCM courses available, use the course attribute dropdown menus on the course search page to select "zero-cost course material" in the first box and then "free course material" in the second: