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Open Educational Resources and Zero-Cost Resources

COVID-19 Temporary Access Collections

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, academic publishers around the globe are offering free access to their subscription collections and other digital materials.

This unprecedented opening of materials traditionally behind paywalls makes journals, databases, ebooks, etc. available at no cost for a limited time. For a list of these free resources and availability dates, please visit the links below.  


As the Pollak Library's Open Educational Resources Librarian I am here to help reduce the education costs for our students, and empower faculty to transform education by assisting with locating, evaluating, modifying, and disseminating high-quality OER in your classes. 

This guide can help you:

  • Define Open Educational Resources
  • Access introductory resources, and clear up the misconceptions of OER
  • Find OER to use in your classroom
  • Understand the Creative Commons License definitions that accompany OER

Feel free to contact me for a consultation!