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Makerspace: Laser Cutter

This guide is for the Pollak Library Makerspace, found on the second floor of Pollak Library North at Cal State Fullerton.

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GlowForge Laser Cutter

Produce incredible products with a GlowForge laser cutter! Create personal or professional projects by cutting or engraving through materials such as wood, cardboard, acrylic, etc. 
The Pollak Library Makerspace has some material available for use (plywood, cardboard, etc.), but availability is on a first-come-first-served basis and while supplies last. We cannot guarantee we will have material available for every project. If you have a specific project in mind please bring your own material. 
To make a reservation click here.


Suitable Materials:
Plywood, Fabric, Leather, Paper, Plexiglas (acrylic), Delrin (acetal), Mylar, Rubber, Corian, and more
Materials for Etching ONLY:
Metal, Glass, Marble, Anodized aluminum, Titanium, Some phones, tablets, and laptops, and more

Before You Go

To use the Glowforge Laser Cutter you need to make a personal Glowforge account. This account gives you access to several pre-made designs and the design platform. If you are a new user please complete the following steps before coming to the makerspace: 
1) Click here to make an account free of charge. 
2) Email the following message: “I am a new Glowforge user. Please add my account to the system. The email I used to make an account is (insert the email address you used to create your Glowforge account)” 
Please complete these steps before you come in to use the equipment. 

Design Before You Visit


After you complete the "Before You Go" steps and are added to our Glowforge system (this is could take up to 24 hours), you will have access to the Glowforge design platform. Try to create your design prior to coming into the space. 
Print and cut jobs can take longer than you might think. When you select "print" in the design space you will be given an exact print time. This time is accurate and you must be prepared to be in the space during the duration of the print. Be mindful of other reservations and our closing time (4pm). If your job is not complete by our closing time or a reservation is booked after your allotted time, we will have to stop your print before it is finished. Please consult Makerspace staff if you have any questions about this.