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Makerspace: Bookmaking

This guide is for the Pollak Library Makerspace, found on the second floor of Pollak Library North at Cal State Fullerton.

Bookmaking iconBookmaking

With awls, bone folders, waxed thread, assorted cardstock, and more, the makerspace has all the tools to make handcrafted books. Users have made unique zines, journals, and pamphlets. 

No reservation needed!

For more resources on how to make books and zines, visit this guide created by Jie Tian. 

What is a Zine?

What makes a Zine? 

Zines are alternative forms of publication that have a limited-run of issues (sometimes just one copy) and generally offer an alternative narrative to more widely spread magazines and popular press. Some characteristics all zines share are: 

  • self-published
  • DIY 
  • low - budget
  • creative
  • community - oriented 

Zines can be either digital or physical and their formats vary. Some are made of collaged found images, some are mainly text, and others are filled with original artwork. In any form, they ask the reader to consider a more personal approach to subjects like politics, identity, creativity, society, and more.



Quick overview of the history of zines in the United States by Stephen Duncombe, from the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture.

 Click Here for The Public's Introduction to Zines

Book/Zine Making

One Sheet Book/Zine


Saddle Stitch Book/Zine (with cover and book thread) 

Zine Examples

Image of Hawaii Round Up zine


Source Free/Unlicensed Images

While these images are royalty-free (you do not need to pay the creator to use them), make sure to attribute creators when the creators name is given. This can be in a credits page of your zine or book.