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History 402A (Dr. Cawthra): Class Omeka Project

Library instruction guide for the Fall 2023 semester of History 402A: Introduction to Public History.

Your Course Exhibit Project

History 402A students will collaborate on a Mapping Confederate Monuments project. This will be done using free accounts on the platform, which will also be connected to a collaborative class project site on using the premium Geolocation plugin.

For the October 25th Instruction Session

The following sections of this guide pertain to your course assignment:

  1. Review the Getting Started with page and set up your free account. For the purpose of this class assignment, please use your CSUF student email account to set up your free account. You can always change this to a personal email address after the course is complete.
  2. Review the Group Projects on page, and watch the video that explains how to join the class project site.

What is

This short video provides quick introduction to and a tour the core functions in, which is the fully hosted freemium version of Omeka that we are using for this course.

What is from Omeka on Vimeo.