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English 307: Welcome

Dream. Imagine. Ask questions.

Research Goals

  • Navigate the Library homepage

  • Learn important services such as Research Center, Circulation, Get Help

  • Explore topics: identify, narrow, broaden

  • Generate keywords & related words

  • Search for books and articles in library databases

  • Distinguish scholarly v. popular sources

  • Cite, export, & critically evaluate sources

Explore Topics


* Pick a topic that you are interested in. Narrow down to a problem in a specific field or controversial issue. Research that issue using only academic sources. Gather 4-5 sources that best capture all the complicated facets of the issue. Write a 6-8 page double spaced review of your findings. 

  • Research topics that revolve around technology use in our society. Examples: social media, genetic engineering, cyber security, and etc.

Discuss a problem in your field and show why it is compelling; introduce context behind the issue; present a clear proposal to this issue; use evidence to support reasoning; use at least five outside sources to support your points.

* Write a synthesis paper that explores an issue in your field. Use at least two scholarly articles. Read, annotate, and summerize the main ideas. Compare and contrast two opposing views.

*Write an argumentative essay on a topic of your choice. Use a variety of sources to support your essay.

Example Topics

study abroad 
the DREAM Act 
mobile device choices

vegetarian diet 
Should general education classes be a requirement in college?