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History 402A (Dr. Cawthra): Getting Familiar with the Interface

Library instruction guide for the Fall 2023 semester of History 402A: Introduction to Public History.

Course Assignment

HIST 402A students will work together on a class group project site, which has already been created. The site settings and visual look and feel are managed by the course instruction librarian and your professor. However, the tutorials on this page can help students gain a broader understanding of working with an site.

A First Look At Omeka

This short video provides a quick tour of both the public-facing view of an site, as well as a behind-the-scenes view at navigating the administrative interface to manage an Omeka site, settings, and content.

What is from Omeka on Vimeo.

Configuring Your Project Site Settings

The site settings, themes, and plugins for the HIST 402A course project site are accessible to just the instruction librarian and your professor. Students only have access to managing their content items. 

However, since all HIST 402A students created their own free account in order to join the class project site, students who want to create their own personal site will be interested in the following video tutorial.

Managing Site Settings in from Omeka on Vimeo.

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