Open Access

A guide to Open Access principles, publishing, and related CSU Fullerton initiatives.

Green OA Policy Info for CSUF Senators

What's Brewing? A Green OA Policy!

Pollak Library devoted its second What's Brewing event on February 8, 2017, to considering a Green Open Access Journal Article Archiving policy for Cal State Fullerton. Chris Kelty of UCLA, a key proponent in passing the UC system's Open Access policy, keynoted the event, followed by a panel of CSUF faculty.

Open Access Policies: An Introduction

Green Open Access Journal Article Archiving Policy: Myth v. Fact

Mark Bilby and Karen Vasquez created the Green Open Access Policy Infographic below. A full transcription of this Green Open Access Policy Infographic is also available, and it has the same content as the infographic slides linked below.

Green Open Access Journal Archiving Policy infographic

Good Practices for Faculty OA Policies

For those interested in the nuts and bolts of a Green Open Access policy, Stuart Shieber and Peter Suber of Harvard have assembled a widely endorsed, online guide to good practices for University faculties who want to pass and implement Green Open Access policies.