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CSU Fullerton's Institutional Repository: Archiving a Breadth of Institutional and Educational Resources by Titans for All

Content Scope

ScholarWorks was designed to contain Faculty and Student Publications, Student Dissertations, Theses, and Projects, Datasets, and Open Educational Resources. A detailed content scope policy explains what can and what cannot be uploaded.

Benefits of Use

Greater visibility

Open access works are read and cited far more often, exercising a much larger impact on scholarship and public knowledge.

Permanent URL

Each deposited item gets a Handle (a permanent URL) so that bookmarks and citations are evergreen.

Long-term preservation

ScholarWorks is a cloud-based system hosted on Amazon Web Services. The software stack is entirely open-source (Linux Fedora and Hyrax/Samvera), supported by a global network of developers at universities and research institutions. Information Technology and Information Science experts at the Chancellor's Office and across CSU Libraries work together to maintain ScholarWorks as a trusted repository.

Feature enhancements

The systemwide Digital Repositories Committee is committed to keep ScholarWorks current with evolving standards and follow cycles of continuous improvement. Have a look at our latest Development Roadmap.

Who Can Deposit? Who Can Access?

Faculty, students, and staff across the California State University system can upload their scholarly works. ScholarWorks uses our campus single sign-on.

By default, all content is open access, freely available for the whole world to read, but access permissions for specific items can be restricted to CSU-only, campus-only, or private.

Academic Senate Committee Endorsements

In December 2016, the AS Library Committee voted to approve an ABIERTA Working Group. Technical delays in the rollout of the Samvera repository led to delays in forming this group, and since then the CSU Council of Library Deans has created and staffed a systemwide Digital Repositories Committee to oversee ScholarWorks, making a local administrative group unnecessary. Be that as it may, the Library Committee enthusiastically supported ABIERTA as our local repository brand.

In December 2017, the AS Graduate Education Committee voted to approve the following statement of endorsement, which was later read into the plenary Academic Senate record:

The Graduate Education Committee applauds, endorses and supports the initiative of the University and Pollak Library to build the ABIERTA repository to deposit, preserve, host, and openly disseminate the Master’s Theses, Doctoral Dissertations and Doctoral Nursing Projects authored by the students of California State University, Fullerton. This endorsement is given with the understanding that embargoes by faculty committee chairs and/or student authors will continue to be respected. This endorsement does not entail any cessation of our current arrangements with ProQuest to archive and disseminate these works.

Following this Senate committee approval, hundreds of our student thesis authors have signed ABIERTA deposit agreements through Office of Graduate Studies workflows. The Daily Titan also ran a piece about our local efforts and branding.

CSU Fullerton is committed to accessibility. If you have any problems accessing material in ScholarWorks, please "Report a Barrier" through Disability Support Services.

Creative Commons CC-BY License Mark G. Bilby created this LibGuide and licenses it under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) International License. Some content was repurposed from the ScholarWorks LibGuide at CSU Chico.