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Nursing: The Web

A guide for students in the CSUF Nursing program.

Using the Web for Nursing Information

Dr ComputerThe world wide web contains valuable information about nursing.  There are many ways that you can search the web for trustworthy information. If you restrict your searches to government or education sites you will be more likely to access unbiased high-quality information.

Using the search engines on this page will increase the likelihood of finding information worth including in your paper. Nonetheless, be aware that when using information from the Internet you will need to act as the reviewer since there are few rules governing what can be published there.

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to search through thousands of journals, many of which the Pollak library owns. Once you find an article, click on the "Find it @ Pollak Library" link for free access.


Google Scholar Search

Other Links

Google Government Search

google governmentGoogle Government searches federal, state, and local web sites with domains .gov and .mil as well as select government sites with .edu, .us., and .com domains. Google Government is an excellent source for finding statistical information.