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Guide to Zine Making

Everything you need to know to get started on your own zine project.

Making Zines!

Making zines, you will exercise your creativity in writing and design. You will also work with tools and materials -- digital and physical --in order to realize the intent of your creation. You may want to collaborate, learn from one another, and share your strengths. It is our hope that the books and resources on this guide will inspire you to experiment with zine-making and to explore related disciplines such as the art of folding and binding. You may want to learn or relearn hand-lettering, calligraphy, or drawing. You may want to study page design and typography. You may want to learn thoroughly about paper and ink: their color, texture, and the effect they createn your art. You may want to become ecologically-responsible and want to experiment with paper- making and ink-making from garden and kitchen materials....

Have fun. You are the maker/creator in How to Make a Zine to the Future! 


Jie & Patrisia 

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A Brief History of Zines