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Spark Tutorials: For Students

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Spark Tutorials

Spark FAQ for Students

How long do the Spark Tutorials take to complete?

Each individual tutorial takes between 10-15 minutes to complete, on average. It would take about an hour to complete the four Pollak Library Orientation tutorials. You don't have to do all four at once.

I finished the tutorial. Why didn't I get a badge?

To earn a badge, you have to score 100% on the final quiz. You may repeat the quiz until you earn 100%.

How do I know which Spark Tutorials I still have to do?

If you've completed a tutorial at 100%, the checkbox will automatically check. Like this: Tutorial name has a box checked next to it

If the box is NOT checked, you still have to complete the tutorial and earn 100% on the quiz.

How does my instructor know that I completed the Spark Tutorials?

They can check your profile in Titanium to see if you earned the badges. Or, you can take a picture of the badges you've earned and send it to your instructor.

How do I see the badges that I earned?

In the Spark Tutorials course in Titanium, click on Badges in the left sidebar. Or, view your Profile by clicking on your name in the top right.

Are these tutorials accessible/ATI-compliant?

Each tutorial features optional Closed Captioning. Alternative assignments are available for students that use screen readers, please contact Lindsay O’Neill

Is there a way to display badges earned for completing Spark Tutorials on social media?

Not at this time, unfortunately. Cal State Fullerton is new to including the “badges” feature in TITANium and is still working out bonus features like this. Eventually, students will be able to link their TITANium profiles to Mozilla Backpack, through which they will be able to sync and display their badges anyplace that supports the Open Badges standard – like LinkedIn.

I have more questions. Or, something isn’t working like it should.

Please contact a librarian.