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Nursing: Reading Scholarly Articles

A guide for students in the CSUF Nursing program.

Components of a Scholarly Paper


Section Description
Abstract A paragraph briefly summarizing the article
Introduction Provides background, states the purpose of the research, may discuss previous research leading up to the study, and may state a hypothesis or question
Literature Review (OPTIONAL)

Discussion of existing research on the subject (NOTE: Not all papers will have a literature review).

Sometimes, a literature review will be published on its own without original research or analysis being added to it. These are not research articles, but review articles.
Methods (& Materials) Describes how the research was conducted, with details about the study sample, assessment measures and procedure
Results A summary of the findings presented in text or table format, may have individual sections with specific information
Discussion Explains how the results answered the research question
Conclusion Summarizes discussion and may suggest future areas for research
References A listing of works cited by the author(s)