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Pollak Library Communications Resources: Home

Instructions, materials, and best practices for conducting communications on behalf of the Pollak Library.

About This Guide

Admin Tools iconWelcome! This guide is primarily for Pollak Library faculty and staff, but is publicly accessible in the event it can be of assistance to other libraries and higher education institutions.

In this guide you will find standards, support documentation, marketing materials, tutorials, tips, and use cases for promoting and communicating on behalf of the Pollak Library. This includes:

  • The Pollak Library visual identity and standards.
    • ​Pollak Library logos.
    • Pollak Library color palette.
    • Pollak Library icon sets.
    • Pollak Library branded templates.
  • The Pollak Library web presence and content strategy.
  • Pollak Library stock photography.
  • Pollak Library promotional artwork.
  • Library vendor-provided and campus partner-provided materials and services.

Specific questions and feedback should be directed to:

Colleen Greene
Marketing & Systems Librarian
Pollak Library, California State University Fullerton | 657-278-3991

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