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Pollak Library Communications Resources: Partners

Instructions, materials, and best practices for conducting communications on behalf of the Pollak Library.

Campus Partner Marketing Resources


Materials for promoting CSUF Student Success Initiative (SSI) funded-resources in the library. 

In an effort to clearly make students aware of how the SSI fees they approved are being used by the library, and in the library buildings by our campus partners, this SSI logo needs to be included on all digital and print materials referencing services and spaces funded in full or in part by SSI.

When using or resizing the logo, the "Funded by" wording on the Titan orange circle needs to remain large enough to easily read.

Third Party Marketing & Promotional Materials

Free promotional materials provided by our vendors to market their products and to reinforce brand identity in instructional services.

Page Contents

Promotional materials and services provided by our campus partners, professional associations, and our library vendors.