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Faculty Resources at Pollak Library: TITANium

This is a guide to resources available to CSUF faculty through the Pollak Library, including information on instruction sessions, copyright, publication, reserves and more.

Add a Library Search Box to TITANium

Add a Library Search Block

Library Search

To set up a block in your course:

  1. Open your TITANium course.

  2. Click Turn editing on (button in top right).

  3. Scroll down the left sidebar to find a section titled ADD A BLOCK.

  4. From the drop down, select Library Search.

You now have a library search box added to your course. From this block students will be able to access the Pollak Library website, connect to a librarian online for research help, and perform basic library research using the search bar.

The search tool provides access to many of our most popular databases, as well as all of our books and e-books.

Add a Subject Search and Database List to TITANium

Add a Subject Search and Database List to TITANium

At the Pollak Library we have created a series of subject specific search boxes and database listings for each individual discipline. These search boxes provide your students with relevant, trustworthy information thus facilitating the research process.

Using the tool below, you can add a database list to your Titanium course. To add this functionality to your course simply follow the instructions below.

subject search and database box
View larger.

To add a Search box to your course:

  1. Select your department in the drop down box above.
  2. HTML code will appear upon selection. Copy this code to your clipboard (CTRL+C or right-click to select Copy).
  3. Open the the course in which you wish to embed this guide.
  4. Click Turn editing on (button in top right).
  5. Create a new content area by selecting the Add/Delete button in Titanium icon in an empty block. Or, you can add your guide to an existing area.
  6. Click on Add an activity or resource.
  7. From the pop-up menu, select Page then click Add.
  8. Name this page - we suggest Library Databases. Write a short description.
  9. In the Content area, click on the HTML icon (HTML button). That will open the HTML Source Editor. If you don't see the HTML icon, click expand button to expand the editing menu.
  10. Paste in the code that you copied in Step 2.
  11. Click on Save and display.
    1. ‚ÄčIf the iframe appears as an empty block and you are using Google Chrome, please see how to enable an "unsafe script."

Your students will now be able to access the library custom search and database list from inside your Titanium course.