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Copyright: Libraries & Archives

A guide for CSUF faculty, staff, and students.

Library and Archive Reproduction

Libraries can make single copies of copyrighted materials under certain conditions.  Not all libraries are eligible.  The library must be open to the public or to researchers outside of the institution.  The copies must not be made for profit.  The copies must also include the copyright notice or, if no notice appears on the work, a general notice stating the work may be protected by copyright.  Music, motion pictures, and audiovisual works are not included in the library's copy priviledges but may be reproduced for purposes of preservation.  Pictures and graphics can only be copied as part of a published work.

Preservation Copies

For preservation purposes, libraries can make three copies of an unpublished work for their own collection or for deposit in another qualifying library or archive. The work must be currently in the collection of the library or archives.  If copied in a digital format, then the work must not be distributed in the same format.

For published works, if the work is damaged, deteriorating, lost, or stolen, the library may make three copies as replacements if the library has determined that a new copy cannot be obtained at a fair price.  Again, if copied in a digital format, then the work must not be distributed in the same format.


Interlibrary Loan

For purposes of study, scholarship, and research, a library may supply another library with a copy of one article or a small part of any other copyrighted work at a users request.  A warning of copyright must be prominently displayed where orders are accepted.  Users may also request the entire work or a substantial part of a work be copied if a copy cannot be obtained at a fair price. 


A notice that the making of copies may be subject to copyright law must be displayed near photocopiers or any reproductive equipment.  This eliminates the library's liability for copies made on the machine.  Users are still expected to comply with copyright laws.

More Information

For more information, contact Anthony Davis Jr., Copyright & Policy Librarian,