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ENGLISH 101: Books

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Search Examples


Can be any words used to describe a concept or idea. Keyword search is the most flexible way to research a topic.

social media 

compulsory consumption
voluntary simplicity
meaning of life

Covid-19 and discrimination
pandemic and environment*
climate change and pandemic
civilization and pandemic
science and pandemic
trauma and pandemic

(covid-19 or coronavirus or 2019-ncov) 

over-consumption or consumerism


Are "controlled vocabulary" assigned by information organizers to capture a subject. We can discover subject words in the description of a book or article. 

computer security

Search Strategies

Search Strategies


  1. Keyword Search
    science writing
    writing and technology
    essay writing

  2. AND -- to narrow down/refine a topic by combining words together
    social media AND addiction
    Social media AND activism 

  3. OR -- use nested search to include synonyms or related words

    (college education OR higher education)
    (social media OR twitter OR Facebook)

  4. "   " -- use double quotes to search words as a phrase and to make searches more precise

    "cyber security"
    "the internet of things"

  5.  -- use the asterisk/wildcard to truncate words so you can retrieve letters after the stem

    educat* ->  edcuate, educator, education
    pollut* -> pollute, pollutes, polluting, pollution, pollutants, etc.